Friday, June 29, 2012

I love that...

I love that.... all most of my friends have babies.

I love that.... Ryker gets to play with other kids his age. While mommy and daddy get to sit and relax with grown-ups.

I love that.... he had a great time with Legan, Braxton, and Hartley last night.

I love that.... we had a good time with Kara, Brad, Morgan, Jeff, and Dusty last night.

I love that.... I get to spend the weekend with my best friend that lives 5 hours away from me. SO EXCITED!!!

I love that.... we are friends!

I love that.... we were roommates in college!

I love that.... even though we are 5 hours away from eachother when we get together it's like we live next door to eachother.

I love that.... I love her so!

This is why
we are friends

We can be serious... SOMETIMES

I love that .... My mom and sister are coming up, only for the mere fact to watch the kiddos while the crazy grown-ups go out. You guys are the BEST!

I love that.... I have the best family and friends a girl could ask for.

I love that... Today is FRIDAY and I don't have to work for 2 days!

Is it 5 o'clock yet?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Out with the...

 old in with the New old

I always want something new or different or cool or fashionable or NEW. (I mean we do have a credit card, isn't that what those things are for? I kid, I kid... But seriously) 

Thank goodness my husband keeps things in perspective, unless HE wants something like the "Gator"! Just kidding, I love that thing as much as he does, well maybe not AS much, but I am glad we have it. It's super fun!

FYI - I was am spoiled by my parents. I usually get what I want... usually... Unless I want something new or different or cool or fashionable or NEW.

Husband says "Casie, we can't afford that mansion out in the country, with 500 acres, 15 horses, 100 cows, so on and so forth!"

And then I realize -- you're right husband we can't afford that.

How bout we get a new couch? :)

And a New Old couch we got.

This was our "old" couch

This is our New Old couch. It's a hand-me-down from Jay and Jess. Thank you! We I love it!

I know, I know, you're thinking that "old" couch looks WAAAAAAY better than the New Old couch right?
Well that "old" couch was the most uncomfortable thing, although husband has a different opinion.

When we first decided to get the "old" couch, I thought it was a great idea. We had an infant and since it's leather pleather it would be easy to clean up. Perfect! Lets get it! And it looks really nice.

Little did I know when we got the "old" couch that it would not be a sit back and relax with your feet up kind of couch. If it's summer you stick to it because most likey you are wearing shorts, if it's winter then you slide all over because you have sweat pants on (well at least this was my dilemma with it) - I HATED it and everyone knew it. All it was, was a "look" nice couch!

So I whinned, and whinned, and whinned like a baby (hmmmmmm and I wonder where the Babe gets it) -- And FINALLY Husband said we could get rid of the "old" couch and get the New Old couch!

YEAH!!!! So excited! -- It even has a hide-a-way bed! I mean what could be better? -- Who's wants to come have slumber party?

Husband DESPISES the New Old couch though. DESPISES it. I'm not sure he has even sat on it yet, besides the first 2 nights when he made Babe, him and I sleep on it. It's quite comfortable if you ask me! ;) He might despise it because we have scratches all over the walls and it took 2 hours to get into the house.... OR this is probably why...

yes this is why...

Yes, there is supposed to be a railing right there. ECK...

I guess I deserved to sleep on the hide-a-way for 2 nights.

With all that said....

Thank you husband for letting me get a New Old couch!

I love love love it and I love love love YOU!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Every 2 months a few of us in the office plan a potluck.

Today was May and June Birthdays.

We have already had a Mexican Theme, a Holiday Theme, a Chili Cookoff Theme, a Summer Grill Theme.... So what's left?

A Breakfast Theme of course.

Not sure it was a very good idea though. There isn't a single person in this office that has been productive since we ate. We had TOO much food (didnt think that was possible, until today) and now our belly's are way TOO full. Hope people want to eat some breakfast for lunch!


P.S. Katie still hasn't found her camera cord! -- If you dont know what I'm talking about Click HERE

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


That's all I want to do these days.


I wish I could say it was because Ryker is having a little brother or sister and it's all due to being pregnant. BUT that is not the case. :(

Not sure whats going on. I never used to want to sleep so much. My husband and I have been together 8 years in August. (married for 4, a feat in itself, if you know my husband! ;) kidding honey, kidding)

Sorry went off on a little tangent there.

 My point is, we have been together for awhile now and I think he is starting to rub off on me. He could sleep til noon if I would let him and sometimes do let him (Yes, honey I said "let").


Maybe it's because I stay up til midnight watching stupid tv shows.  For instance, last night, I started off with America's Got Talent, next up The Glass House. (it's dumb and NOTHING like Big Brother. Big Brother is so much better. By the way starts July 12th 9/8:00 central) My sisters and mom have started watching The Glass House and I want to be in the loop SO, I recorded it and sat down at 10:00 to watch it. The darn show recorded a blank screen, a BLANK SCREEN! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I missed the first episode anyway so I thought I better catch up. I pull out the ole laptop, have The Glass House playing on my lap and Army Wives playing on the television.
Someone obsessed??

I think NOT!

By the time I finally c r a w l e d into bed it was midnight. No mother, of a 2 year old, should be going to bed at midnight unless they are up cleaning and doing laundry like a good wife and mother, I obviously am not, because I would rather watch tv shows :) There goes my wife/mother of the year award! Don't they I know that the little one will be up early and want want want...

YES, I know, but those shows are addicting, silly, and just plain dumb for the most part!

Can not wait for Big Brother to start in July! And can not wait for night 2, a three night special, of America's got talent.

I might need to go and see someone about my tv show addiction. (Summer shows = BORING!! BRING ON GREY'S ANATOMY AND PRIVATE PRACTICE. Is fall here yet?)

Happy America's Got Talent Tuesday!

Monday, June 25, 2012

A Gator and A Guitar

 These are the weekends I love....

My thoughtful husband purchased a Polaris Ranger "Gator" on my birthday.
Happy Birthday to me!
(now maybe I can get some things done around the house because he will be taking Ryker for rides all night long) 

This thing is NEAT! 
The kids (my hubby included) played on it all weekend! 
The neighbor kids love it, Ashton loves it, Ryker loves it, Dukey loves it, We all love it!
Good purchase my love, good purchase!


We ate Popsicle after Popsicle after Popsicle on this HOT HOT weekend!

And played with "Snakes" -- AKA a Worm

I was lucky enough to spend Sunday morning/afternoon with one of my very best friends,
Celebrating the arrival of her baby boy in late August!!! 
(Not sure if she wants me spreading his name around the world, So you all will have to wait until he is here!)

I am so very excited for the Garate Family, they are FINALLY joining the mommy and daddy world and they are going to be such great parents.

Welcome Chris and Katie... WELCOME!


Of course, SO excited to be part of Baby Garates life!
 I just hope Baby Garate loves me, as much as, Ryker loves his Aunt Katie!

This was the diaper cake I made for the baby shower.
Baby Garate's room is kinda music themed so I thought this seemed appropriate.
<><> <><> <><>
Yes, I made this! Yes, I am very proud!
I would put more pictures up from the baby shower but I need the pictures from Katie.
Guess who can't find her camera cord.........
Pictures from the shower some other time I guess! :)

 The weekend came to an end and we had to say goodbye to Grandma Jane & Papa, Uncle Wyatt, Uncle Nate, Chole, Haley, friends, and Ashton.

We love weekends that we get to be around family and friends.
 But saying goodbye is hard.
Especially when Ryker has to say goodbye to Ashton! :(
(Insert photo here, except I felt so bad for him that I didn't even think about a photo op!)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Kisses Goodbye

Every morning before "school" (daycare), Ryker and I get up, get dressed, have a cup of milk.

Let me start over....

We get up, have a cup of milk (now I'm on the right track), get dressed, brush our hair and teeth, and then tell Daddy and Dukey bye.

And every morning this is pretty much how it goes with Dukey.

15 min later...
 We are out the door and ready for our day!

Hope your weekend is full of KISSES! 
Even if they are slobbery! 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Day

Happy Birthday to Us!

Today is Our Day!
Today we are the SAME age. The same age!
Today we are 28!
Today I get to hang out with friends to celebrate.
Today I get to be around people that I love and love me back.

Today is a GOOD day.
(besides the whole being at work for 8 hours thing)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Six Pack of "SuRgE"

I read a friends blog everyday, she is amazing!
 I look forward to coming to work or waking up on the weekend seeing that she has posted something, anything!!! Her blog is about her, her crazy dog, and her "hairy" hubby. I will never be as good as her at blogging but she is the one that said I should
"try it out".
 (and hopefully I will love her for it and not hate her for it! ).

I met her in middle school, we instantly we became friends, and formed a clique with 4 other girls. We called ourselves
 "The Six Pack"
 (our mascot was the soda called Surge)

I know we were are "COOL"!
Skipping the rest of middle school
 (no one wants to remember anyway, an awkward 2 years in most kids lives)

Welcome to high school --  4 years we get to spend with eachother and the rest of the gang, except for basketball season when she decided to be a cheerleader.
UGH who cheerleads? :) I kid, I kid
  Otherwise it was volleyball together, softball together, chapman 'rocks softball together, vacations, parties, so on and so forth. If she was some where, you would most likely find me there too.  At least this is what I remember about high school. She might have different memories.

Graduation came and went and we both went our separate ways. She went to K-State to make something of herself while I went to JCCC to NOT make something of myself but to play the sport I love! (softball -- incase somebody didn't know)
With a few hundred miles between us and the busy-ness of college life
 (by busy-ness I mean studying of course) we grew apart. :(

I miss her face dearly but I am glad I get to still be apart of her life through her blog. Hopefully I will make her proud and hopefully sometime soon I will get to see her face. I mean we do live in the same area for goodness sake!
Anyone want to know who I am speaking of?
Her blog is HERE.  Believe me you will be hooked!
Love you Tiff! :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

First for Everything

Not sure how long this is going to last but I am going to try my best....

I really really wanted to start a blog because I wanted to capture all the little things that happen in a day.
We tend to forget the little things so quickly and easily.

For example this is how I found Ryker this morning when I went in to wake him up.

Or how 'bout fun on the slip -n- slide with Ashton
And last but not least, I want family and friends to see whats going on in the Gorton life as the days go by. Hopefully some posts will make you laugh and hopefully some will make you cry and hopefully some will just make you smile and miss us! :) I want to be able to touch all of your hearts because we dont get to be with eachother as often as we would like.

Stay tuned this could get very interesting!