Friday, November 9, 2012

Little bit of Halloween in November

Holy Moly...
 Am I really going to do 2 blog posts in ONE week?
What has gotten into me?
Without further ado...
Halloween --- Military Style!
My step dad retired from the National Guard on Halloween.
(A whole post about him at a later time.
He is way too big time to be squished in a post with his Grandsons and Halloween).
Ryker and Travis dressed for the occasion.
They also convinced their Uncle Jared to dress like them too!
I think their Papa enjoyed the company of the recruits.
And since Ryker looked so darn cute in those BDU's we thought what a great Halloween costume. Although we didn't get home in time to do much trick or treating, we managed to at least go up and down our street.
Thank you neighbors for humoring our son and giving us all your left over candy!!
He loved it and so did we!!
Have a great weekend ya'll!

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  1. I love his uniform, they both looked so cute. Terry looked great too.