Thursday, June 28, 2012

Out with the...

 old in with the New old

I always want something new or different or cool or fashionable or NEW. (I mean we do have a credit card, isn't that what those things are for? I kid, I kid... But seriously) 

Thank goodness my husband keeps things in perspective, unless HE wants something like the "Gator"! Just kidding, I love that thing as much as he does, well maybe not AS much, but I am glad we have it. It's super fun!

FYI - I was am spoiled by my parents. I usually get what I want... usually... Unless I want something new or different or cool or fashionable or NEW.

Husband says "Casie, we can't afford that mansion out in the country, with 500 acres, 15 horses, 100 cows, so on and so forth!"

And then I realize -- you're right husband we can't afford that.

How bout we get a new couch? :)

And a New Old couch we got.

This was our "old" couch

This is our New Old couch. It's a hand-me-down from Jay and Jess. Thank you! We I love it!

I know, I know, you're thinking that "old" couch looks WAAAAAAY better than the New Old couch right?
Well that "old" couch was the most uncomfortable thing, although husband has a different opinion.

When we first decided to get the "old" couch, I thought it was a great idea. We had an infant and since it's leather pleather it would be easy to clean up. Perfect! Lets get it! And it looks really nice.

Little did I know when we got the "old" couch that it would not be a sit back and relax with your feet up kind of couch. If it's summer you stick to it because most likey you are wearing shorts, if it's winter then you slide all over because you have sweat pants on (well at least this was my dilemma with it) - I HATED it and everyone knew it. All it was, was a "look" nice couch!

So I whinned, and whinned, and whinned like a baby (hmmmmmm and I wonder where the Babe gets it) -- And FINALLY Husband said we could get rid of the "old" couch and get the New Old couch!

YEAH!!!! So excited! -- It even has a hide-a-way bed! I mean what could be better? -- Who's wants to come have slumber party?

Husband DESPISES the New Old couch though. DESPISES it. I'm not sure he has even sat on it yet, besides the first 2 nights when he made Babe, him and I sleep on it. It's quite comfortable if you ask me! ;) He might despise it because we have scratches all over the walls and it took 2 hours to get into the house.... OR this is probably why...

yes this is why...

Yes, there is supposed to be a railing right there. ECK...

I guess I deserved to sleep on the hide-a-way for 2 nights.

With all that said....

Thank you husband for letting me get a New Old couch!

I love love love it and I love love love YOU!

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