Tuesday, June 26, 2012


That's all I want to do these days.


I wish I could say it was because Ryker is having a little brother or sister and it's all due to being pregnant. BUT that is not the case. :(

Not sure whats going on. I never used to want to sleep so much. My husband and I have been together 8 years in August. (married for 4, a feat in itself, if you know my husband! ;) kidding honey, kidding)

Sorry went off on a little tangent there.

 My point is, we have been together for awhile now and I think he is starting to rub off on me. He could sleep til noon if I would let him and sometimes do let him (Yes, honey I said "let").


Maybe it's because I stay up til midnight watching stupid tv shows.  For instance, last night, I started off with America's Got Talent, next up The Glass House. (it's dumb and NOTHING like Big Brother. Big Brother is so much better. By the way starts July 12th 9/8:00 central) My sisters and mom have started watching The Glass House and I want to be in the loop SO, I recorded it and sat down at 10:00 to watch it. The darn show recorded a blank screen, a BLANK SCREEN! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I missed the first episode anyway so I thought I better catch up. I pull out the ole laptop, have The Glass House playing on my lap and Army Wives playing on the television.
Someone obsessed??

I think NOT!

By the time I finally c r a w l e d into bed it was midnight. No mother, of a 2 year old, should be going to bed at midnight unless they are up cleaning and doing laundry like a good wife and mother, I obviously am not, because I would rather watch tv shows :) There goes my wife/mother of the year award! Don't they I know that the little one will be up early and want want want...

YES, I know, but those shows are addicting, silly, and just plain dumb for the most part!

Can not wait for Big Brother to start in July! And can not wait for night 2, a three night special, of America's got talent.

I might need to go and see someone about my tv show addiction. (Summer shows = BORING!! BRING ON GREY'S ANATOMY AND PRIVATE PRACTICE. Is fall here yet?)

Happy America's Got Talent Tuesday!

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