Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Six Pack of "SuRgE"

I read a friends blog everyday, she is amazing!
 I look forward to coming to work or waking up on the weekend seeing that she has posted something, anything!!! Her blog is about her, her crazy dog, and her "hairy" hubby. I will never be as good as her at blogging but she is the one that said I should
"try it out".
 (and hopefully I will love her for it and not hate her for it! ).

I met her in middle school, we instantly we became friends, and formed a clique with 4 other girls. We called ourselves
 "The Six Pack"
 (our mascot was the soda called Surge)

I know we were are "COOL"!
Skipping the rest of middle school
 (no one wants to remember anyway, an awkward 2 years in most kids lives)

Welcome to high school --  4 years we get to spend with eachother and the rest of the gang, except for basketball season when she decided to be a cheerleader.
UGH who cheerleads? :) I kid, I kid
  Otherwise it was volleyball together, softball together, chapman 'rocks softball together, vacations, parties, so on and so forth. If she was some where, you would most likely find me there too.  At least this is what I remember about high school. She might have different memories.

Graduation came and went and we both went our separate ways. She went to K-State to make something of herself while I went to JCCC to NOT make something of myself but to play the sport I love! (softball -- incase somebody didn't know)
With a few hundred miles between us and the busy-ness of college life
 (by busy-ness I mean studying of course) we grew apart. :(

I miss her face dearly but I am glad I get to still be apart of her life through her blog. Hopefully I will make her proud and hopefully sometime soon I will get to see her face. I mean we do live in the same area for goodness sake!
Anyone want to know who I am speaking of?
Her blog is HERE.  Believe me you will be hooked!
Love you Tiff! :)


  1. Ok so I might have just shed a tear or two! I love it!

  2. ummm, Lindsey's not the only one! oh man ... this brings back a whole lot of memories. gosh we had some good times. surge. too funny! we really were always together, weren't we? and I love that we will always share the love of sports ... why in the world did you let me try out for cheer?! jk. you were my little sporty idol. I always looked up to you. you are soooo stinking talented and trust me ... you made something of yourself too missy.
    ok, this could go on and on and then become a book instead of a comment. so, just know that this little post here means the world to me and I LOVE looking at pictures of the two of us together. now let's take some new ones already! muuuuah.

    1. p.s. how chubby does my face look in that first picture?! ha! love it.