Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Could be inappropriate (you have been warned)

This post could be inappropriate and disgusting to some.
You have been warned.
Grandma and Grandpa it's about going #2 and has nothing to do with Ryker.
So if you want to stop reading now, I totally understand.
But the stories are quite funny.
On Monday, I happen to run across THIS STORY (incase you are new here, click on that purple THIS STORY to read what I'm talking about). I honestly do not remember the last time I have laughed so hard. I think mostly because this has happened to me on more than one occasion, Lucas, ex-roomies, sisters, parents will confirm that. Also, I think this story might appeal more to the women only because I'm sure you have all been there before. Plus, I had a male friend read it at work and read it to Lucas when I got home. They didn't think it was near as funny as I or my girlfriends did. 
Speaking about the story above.
It reminds me.
Along time ago, Oh, 6 years ago I guess....
I was at Luke's parents for maybe the 5th time. Had to have been some sort of holiday or special get together because everyone (brother in-laws, their significant others, mom, dad, nieces, you get the point) was there. It was the end of the day and everyone was sitting around the living room falling half asleep and loving the conversation.  Then BAM it hit me. I have to go #2 now. Like NOW!!! There are 2 bathrooms at my in-laws, one for the public (which is maybe a foot away from the living room), and one in their bedroom. This being the 5th time I had been there I didn't really feel comfortable using their "private" bathroom.
 So I very calmly got up and made my way to the restroom. I was in there longer than a #1 would take and I knew that everyone in the living room knew what I was doing. So when I finally finish, I search the entire bathroom for some sort of smell good spray, (remember bathroom is like a foot away from the living room) BUT find nothing, so I close the door behind me hoping no one uses it for awhile and very awkwardly return back to my seat.
 Not 2 seconds after I sit down. Luke says "Wow, that took you long enough" - Very embarrassed reply back "haha, yep" (face had to have been as red as tomato)- Then what does my wonderful husband (boyfriend at the time) do? He decides that he need to use the bathroom. He walks in and very loudly says as he quickly comes back out "OH, my goodness!!!"  Then grabs a lit candle off the top of the TV stand holds it up to his nose and returns back to the bathroom.
Everyone laughed, I laughed at them laughing at me, but I was dying on the inside with embarrassment.
Luckily Luke decided to stick it out with me, despite my gut problems, and I decided it's okay to embarrass your significant other every once in awhile. I am still trying to plot my revenge 6 years later!
Honey, someday you will be embarrassed.
Very very embarrassed! :P
Hope this wasn't TOO inappropriate.
 Hope you got a laugh or two in today.

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  1. laughing sooooooo freaking hard.

    only you my friend. only you. actually, I'm guessing this has probably happened to a lot of girls. But I think it's funnier when I think it's only you. :) ha. Looove you!