Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Life Lately through Instagram

Well I have totally been failing on the blogging front.
With that said,
Here's life lately through Instagram.
We painted after having a melt down about ice cream.
We rocked out to some Sunday Night Football with Shania Twain
Our new porch pet....NOT!
Lucas said he killed it... I don't believe him.


Few hours after my surgery...
Surgery had to be done in preparation of the Exciting News !!!!
 Grandma with her boys.
Cousins enjoying each other.


3 Best Friends.
Ryker, Sawyer, Santino 
 Showing off their ginormous hedge balls. 
Santino got to hang out with Aunt Casie today.
We had a good time as you can tell.
Well, that's life lately. I apologize again for being MIA for 14+ days. That's just ridic!
I'm surprised my sister hasn't killed me yet.
I will try to stay on track and keep this updated much more frequently than every 14 days.

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