Monday, October 1, 2012

Wedding Weekend

This weekend was full of dancing, family, and memories.

It was a good time to be had by all.

We attended a wedding on Saturday night and Ryker got his groove on.

His Arm is moving so fast it's all blurry!
I got to dance with Ryker during the mother/son dance. What a great idea for a wedding. While the groom was dancing with his mom they invited all mothers and sons to come and join them. They did the same for the father/daughter dance.
I have told you about my friend Katie before... She is the one that just had the handsome little boy Santino. They got to dance during the mother/son dance as well. Presh!
What's a night out, without a family photo.
We had a wonderful weekend!
We got to spend Sunday with Luke's side of the family.
We mostly yelled at the TV while the chiefs played and listened to the kids chase each other around in circles.
Wouldn't have wanted the weekend to go any other way. Well except for a chiefs win. That would have been nice.
Wanna know what happens if you poop your pants at Rykers school and you're a boy?
Yeah, Those are pink pants.
Would hate to see what they do to the girls!
Probably shave their heads!
I was unaware that he was out of extra pants... and apparently these were the only ones that fit him.
Lucas was not a happy camper when he saw his son in these pants.
Ryker loved them! Of course!
I laughed! :)
Hope you all have a fantastic week!

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