Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Zoo Weekend

Well, long time no bloggy...
My sister is getting pretty annoyed with me. Pretty sure she said to me yesterday. "If you're not going to write on your blog anymore then I'm going to quit checking it. Let me know when you post something." WOWZERS.... someone needs to take a chill pill I think... I mean does she not realize I am a busy busy person. I have things to do. A lot of things. Things that take time. Things that require my attention.
Don't worry. I won't bore you all with all the THINGS that I have to do on a daily basis. I mean seriously. It's totally boring but someones gotta do it.
With that said.
I will tell you how our weekend went.
Started off playing with my camera and a little trick I found on pintrest. Might not be the coolest thing ever invented but it was pretty neat.
Just a shape cut out of construction paper.
Next up was the zoo.
I, for one, LOVE the zoo. And I just KNEW Ryker would love it too. He talks about animals ALL THE TIME. So like any mother I couldn't WAIT to see the excitement in his eyes watching and looking at these animals.
BUT this trip to the zoo was pretty much a BUST.... a BUST! -- It was below 50 degrees and apparently they don't let all the animals out if it's below 50.
Elephants were put up.
Monkeys were put up.
Giraffes were put up.
Every primate was put up.
But this IS what we got to see  Polar Bear sleeping, Lions sleeping, Tigers sleeping, African Dogs sleeping, Crocodiles sleeping, and Kangaroos hopping.
Oh and hungry Deer.
But even though the zoo was a BUST. It was nice hanging out with my family enjoying each others company. Would do it again in a heart beat.
Here's a few pictures of our adventure.

Polar Bear

"Scratching" his nose. Side story. Ryker and I were looking through these pictures when we got home from the zoo. I said "Ah Ryker, Nice Bear" he said "NO, Scratching his nose" :) cutest thing ever
Checkin out the Cheetahs -- well the top of their heads. They were sleeping.
The Lions.Very entertaining. Obviously.
"Wow, Look at the Lions. They are sleeping! EXCITING!"
So precious. Love you both!
Pretty sure this was Ryker's favorite part of the day. He had so much fun feeding the deer.
Note: The sign on the right hand side of this picture. This family doesn't follow directions very well. :)
Thanks for listening to my rant about the zoo being a bust.
Can't wait to go again!


  1. Love it. Thank you so much for posting!!! I miss my family so much! Love you and your family!! Love Lindsey.

  2. Sounds just like my sister! Hey BY THE WAY....I'm STILL waiting!!!!! :)

  3. Ok so it may not be that funny but never the less I'm easy to amuse, but the pic with you and ryker....stating hey look the lions! I literally laughed. Out loud. To myself. At work! Thanks for sharing!