Friday, September 14, 2012

slacker slacker slacker

Someone has been a slacker lately.
Remember I told you on Tuesday that I was a procrastinator...
I wasn't lying, was I?
Anyway, we  haven't been home very much this week.
Its been, work work work, play play play and finally SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP!
Man, I love sleep.
Speaking of sleep.... That's where I'm headed now! :)
Great post eh?
Bet you're so glad you wasted a minute of your life on this, aren't you?!?
Yeah, I would be glad too!
But I should have a good one on Monday. You see, we are at Luke's parents this weekend and it gets crazy around here with Ryker's cousins. They are crack ups and we love them.
To all you slackers and procrastinators out there....

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