Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Clinger

Don't judge.
Okay so I know you're going to judge. It's just what people do.
For the most part EVERY night little man seems to find his way into our bed.
(Sometimes All the time with the help from his momma)
I am trying to be naive and think that this is the best for all of us, him, I, and daddy (that can sleep through a train going through our house, but that's besides the point). I want to sleep and I know he wants to sleep too. I KNOW that if I could just take a few weeks and make him stay in his bed that after those few weeks we both all would be much happier, both, all of us sleeping through the night.
Right now I just want to sleep... I LOVE SLEEP! ;)
Again Anyway
The little man has decided that he needs to cling to everything in the bed. Me and my pillow and my blankets and me! This should have put me other the edge by now and made me decide that enough is enough and it's time for me to start that "few" weeks horror process...
even if it is 15 min here and there!
This is little man this morning.
Picture is way blurry. I promise your eye sight is fine.
 Yes. Those are pillows!
You might not know this.
But our heads actually rest on those pillows, contrary to popular belief.
Feet in daddy's face. Head on top of momma's!
But look at him... he is so darn cute.
How could you not want to cuddle let him cling to you in the middle of the night?

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