Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yes, I'm aware... I'm weird!

I have to write about this otherwise it's going to bug me all day and days to come. Plus I would like to sleep! (you will understand here in a min)

So I have this blog and I follow 13 other blogs daily.I know most of the people that write those blogs except for 5 of them. Somehow I got hooked and I look forward to reading all 13 blogs everyday.

The 5 that I do not know, plus Tiffany (which most of you know and if you don't can read about her HERE or HERE actually blog for a living. Okay maybe not a living but they do have sponsors and pay to be on other blogs and use the money that they get for people wanting to be on their blogs to save the world. Okay maybe not the world but at least save some animals or help a charity or go shopping or something. They say they have real jobs... Uh huh! I don't know know how much money they make or don't make but they have over 1000 followers... Yes, I said 1000. I have 9. Just so you can see the magnitude here!

ANYWAY -----

Back to what has been bugging me and kept me up last night.

One of these bloggers Taylor @TheDailyTay -- Is a hilarious, honest, young lady woman. She is probably older than me if not the same age but that doesn't matter.Well, yesterday she decided to write a political post, not a political post like you are all thinking but a lets make fun of both sides political post. She got some slack for this post from quite a few "followers/readers" and some actually quit following her. Anyway I felt terrible for the way people reacted to a post that started off saying "And now a political post from someone who knows almost nothing about politics." and then she felt the need to have to write a follow-up post to the original post she had written that day more or less apologizing.

So last night while I was laying in bed thinking about what to post about today, I couldn't get Taylor out of my mind. The girl could not win for losing yesterday. One more example of how yesterday went for her. They do this thing in the blogging world (which is a world like nothing else, believe me) called linking up. It's when another blogger writes on said blog to try and get followers or just a laugh or that person needed a break for the day. Anyway -- Like I said she had a rough day yesterday and felt the need to write 3 posts and the last one being a link up, with one of her trustworthy/friend bloggers Erin @LivingInYellow (which I follow as well)-- Erin's post had to have been written at a different time and Taylor was just waiting for the day to use it. Yesterday was the day for it to be used... EXCEPT in the middle of Erin's Link up she wrote come on over read my blog and have a good laugh. -- Yesterday Erin was talking about how her grandmother had passed away. Not something funny like she usually does.
I could not stop thinking about how I would have felt yesterday if I was in Taylors shoes and how things could just not go right for her (in her mind). Although most of us thought the political post was funny.

But alas I finally feel asleep.

My dreams have been very very vivid lately and last night I dreamt that Erin from Living in Yellow and I were hanging out like we were best of friends. We went to the Dave Matthews Band concert (who I don't even listen to. GASP!) but didn't get to go the concert because it was scheduled for the next day.


fall back asleep and now Erin and I are at a chiefs game. (She is not from Kansas/Missouri -- she would not be at/nor would want to go to a chiefs game but that's where we were).


back asleep now making sure we were going to go to the DMB concert.


back asleep Still hanging out with Erin... Okay this is starting to sound a little creepy!!!! Don't worry you all, I'm a little REALLY creeped out too! I do not think this is normal!


This has got to stop... I want to sleep and not dream about blogger strangers that I do not know!
stayed up the rest of the night morning.

Last night was crazy and I got no sleep. Not sure what the point of this whole post was. Except to point out the fact that I'm a creep/weirdo!
Happy hump day all!

PS. One of those 5 stranger bloggers that I follow (Brie @Sophistifunk).. She actually follows me! She is one of my 9 followers... Yeah. I totally think I'm cool! :)
But we all know she doesn't read this... So how cool am I really?

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