Friday, August 3, 2012

BB guns, Lotion, and The Weekend


Let me tell you how the day started off!

I'm getting ready for work which takes approximately 10 min. (As of late, throw on a t-shirt, put wet hair in a pony tail, throw on some mascara and out the door)

But today... Ryker is ridiculously too quiet...

hmmmm where could he be???
Oh just in bed playing with a BB Gun... peeqw peeqw peeqw

(You'll shoot your eye out, You'll shoot your eye out)

So I decided he was content enough to be left as is and I could finish my morning routine.

5 min later... (time to get him ready for school)

What do I find?

Oh, just my son washing himself with Lotion.

"ook mommy, oap" --- translated to "Look Mommy, Soap"

Needless to say we had to take a quick shower.

At least his skin will be soft and hair shinny!

Today was not the first time Ryker has decided he needed soft skin.

Maybe he is trying to tell me something! :)

This weekend is a busy one but what weekend as of lately hasn't been.

Tonight --  BBQ with these crazies.

This picture is from our wedding.
Speaking of wedding...
It's our 4 year anniversary in 13 days.
13 DAYS!!!

Tomorrow --  Fight Night.

Dusty is fighting his first Title Fight.

These pictures are from his very first fight.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

Lucas has a love hate relationship with Dusty's fight career.
Loves that he gets to train, advise, support, and corner his best friend in a sport that they both enjoy so much.


Hates that he can not help him when he gets in certain situations.
Luckily there have only been a few of those.
If you didn't know.
Dusty is a Stud!

Good Luck tomorrow Dusty.
We will all be cheering for you!

Sunday  -- Birthday & Christening Celebration!

Happy Birthday sweet Legan!
I hope your 2nd Birthday Party is a blast!
We can't wait to celebrate with you.

Happy Christening Miss Hartley.
You are one blessed little girl.
So happy that we can be a part of you and your sissy's life!

We love you both so much!

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  1. haha. Ryker, you crack me up! a gun and a lotion party all in one day?! you are keeping your mamma busy.

    ok, so has it seriously been 4 years?! 4? cra-zy. happy anny in 13 days. :)