Monday, August 6, 2012

Post weekend

Weekend was good.

BBQ was nice and the kids played together great!

Dusty won his fight! Title fight that is!
(see pic below)

Birthday party was a success even though I forgot lawn chairs. Oh and I forgot. Well I guess i didn't forget. I just accidentally slept the entire Sunday away and didn't have time to get a present for miss Legan! I'm a procrastinator if you all haven't noticed yet!

Tonight we went and saw big brother! It was long over due! Then went to get Legan a late birthday present and went and had dinner. Fun night out with the fam!

Prayers for Luke's mom please... She had an appendectomy this weekend. Glad it was nothing serious! I love you Jane! Heal quickly!


  1. Those last two pics made me misty! So sweet--and sad. What a difficult time you have come through--and with such love and joy. Your beautiful spirit always shines through, girl!

  2. So just and FYI You sure do know how to make your sister cry at 630 in the morning! I need to go visit him soon! It's been while since his aunt has went to see him!
    I love you very much and proud to call you my best and favorite oldest sister! :).