Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Terribly Rude!!!!!

Well, that was terribly rude of me Yesterday and I would like to apologize.

I'm sorry.

How about I give a date and we can do a count down together??

That sounds like fun. Don't chaya think??? Yeah, it does. Okay lets do that!

I will tell the EXCITING news on August 23rd. No sooner --- maybe later...  Just depends. :)

Today we (The football crazy girls) started talking about our Fantasy Football League.
I love this part of the year.
Sweatshirts, CHIEFS, fantasy football, cool weather, football!
Love love love it!

Oh, I also learned yesterday that Ryker gets moved up into the next classroom at school this month. It's a 3 year old classroom, he's not quite 3 yet, BUT they said "since he is pretty much potty trained"... Yes i said PRETTY MUCH POTTY TRAINED. He is one of the chosen ones to move up! Very excited for this new adventure he is going to go on and very excited that he is PRETTY MUCH POTTY TRAINED!!! :) Now onto the night time... haha Yeah right!

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