Monday, August 20, 2012

Manic Monday Zebra

So friday I had my post all planned out, you can't have a wedding with out a honeymoon right?
So you were going to get to witness first hand our honeymoon.


I went home sick from work and slept the day away... So no honeymoon post for you! Maybe someday you will get to witness it... but not today!

Today I want to show you my Zebra.

This morning before "school" Ryker thought it would be a great idea to color himself with permanent marker.

"ook mommy, I olor"

"Yes Ryker, You colored all over yourself and now you look like a Zebra, Thank you for that!"

Then he went and looked at himself in the full length mirror, checked out his artwork, and was very very proud. I wish I could have captured his little evil, rotten, proud smirk he had when he saw himself in the mirror. I couldn't help but laugh.

Hope you all are having a Happy Zebra Monday!


  1. I think I love him!! That is too funny!!

  2. Chett is doing this now too. Daily. And know what, I don't even care that I have to take him around like that.