Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mini Vaca

Little mini vaca to Ohio Complete.
We had a good time. 
Even if we had to be in an RV together for 14 hours.
Played a few card games on the way down and the way back.

We slept most of the time.
Best part of having an RV! ;P

We were refreshed and ready to go once we got there.

The kids played and the grownups chatted.

We played golf...
My team won. At least that is what I'm going to tell all of you!
All because of this guy right here.
Thanks Louie!

Although these two weren't so shabby either!

And who could not have a blast on the golf course with this guy!

His rain hat. :)
We also got to go and visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton OH.
Very Neat.
Especially if you are a football lover like I am.

Ready. Set. Go.
I really need to start getting much better at remembering/ taking pictures. I can't believe we didn't get a picture of all the families together.


Here is what I could find of the extended family. (Thanks Linds for taking some pics)

I think the most favorite part of the mini vacation for me was when we all sat down Saturday night and played Mafia vs. Townsfolk.
What a great way to have family interaction. If you have not played this game you NEED to. And if you want to know how it's played, dont be afraid to ask. I’d love to tell ya!

The mini vacation came to an abrupt end and it was time to say our goodbyes.
Hopefully we will see them all again real soon.
It's their turn to come to Kansas!

Thanks Aunt Ruth and Uncle Jim for having us.
We had a great time!!!


  1. The Mr. has always wanted to see the Football Hall of Fame. (One of these days..!) Looks like a great time. Those little ones are adorable! Mafia vs. Townfolks???

    1. Mafia vs. Townsfolk
      Get a Deck of cards and have enough cards for everyone that is in the circle. You will want most of the cards to be black cards and depending on the size of the circle you will have 1 or 2 red cards.

      Black cards are Townsfolk, Red cards are the mafia.

      Randomly pass the cards out to everyone in the circle.

      Don't let anyone see your card.

      There has to be a narrator.

      Narrator will say: Everyone put their heads down and do not peak.
      "Mafia and mafia only raise your heads"

      Then the mafia will decide on someone to "kill" -- Once they decide on someone to kill they will put their heads back down.

      Narrator will say:
      "Everyone please raise your heads" -- "Unfortunately, Joe you have been killed"

      The person to the right of said Joe will try to figure out who the Mafia is. They will pick someone in the circle and say "why" they think that certain someone killed Joe.

      You will do this around the whole circle. Once everyone has voted. then the people that were accused of killing said Joe will have a chance to defend themselves.

      They will tell the group why they did not kill said Joe (whether they did or not -- you have to lie sometimes :)) -- Then the group will vote again on accused and the person with the most votes will be dead as well. HOPE YOU DIDNT DECIDE TO KILL A TOWNSFOLK!!!

      You do this over and over until the 2 mafia people have been choosen. In the games we played this weekend the mafia people went all the way to the end before being chosen...

      Game still plays on if one of the mafia members is chosen to die. The other one still gets to kill the townsfolk until he/she is found.

      Let me know if this doesn't make since! :) hahaha

  2. Love all the pictures! Thanks again for taking along Ashton, he had so much fun, and couldn't stop talking! Lol