Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy 4 Year Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my sweet shnookems. Okay I don't really call him that. I like to call him Lover but he hates it. So I'll stick with the boring stuff like Babe or the occasional honey.

We have been together 8 years, married for 4, and parents for 3.

Our wedding day was a special one. Best day of my life. (Besides the birth of my kids)

All wedding days comes with challenges and triumphs and ours was no different.

I started off the day turning the house upside down because I couldn't find my wedding bands. I couldn't find them in the house because I never picked them up from the jeweler. Ooooppsss -- Lucky for me I was able to get them before the ceremony.

After the ring fiasco came the ceremony. And we only had to start an hour later than planned due to the main highway being closed down.

But who wouldn't want to hang out an extra hour with these lovelys and good looking men?

Finally the ceremony got started and it was beautiful.
All our friends and family that we love were there, to share in our special day!

Lucas's Uncle Rod married us

Lucas's cousin, Devon, sang and played the guitar amazingly.

And my sister, Tara, sang a beautiful beautiful song.

We did it! We tied the knot! We are husband and wife!


Phew that day was finally stress free!
And what a great day it was!

Cheers to 4 years and many more to come.

I love you so much shnookems, I mean lover, I mean Babe!

Thank you for picking me to spend your life with.
I couldn't be more lucky.

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  1. Love the pictures! Beautiful--and the shoes were!! : ) Happy Anniversary! (Ours are really close together!!)