Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Animal Train

My son amazes me every day!

Everyday is a new adventure for him and I love witnessing it!

Here are a few examples from the last few weeks:

*We have been working on thumbs up and the poor kid could not figure it out by himself. He always needed someone to help him get his hand to situated in the right position. BUT a few days ago he figured it out all by himself and he was so proud! "Mommy, ook ums up!"

*He was playing with his animals in the bath the other night and lined them all up on the ledge. At some point, it clicked in that little brain of his that it looked like a "train".
"Mommy, ook animal train, choo choo!"


*We were watching cartoons and a pirate showed up on the television.
"Ook mommy, irate" I looked at him an couldn't believe he knew what a pirate was! He is so smart and learning so much at school!
(if you haven't noticed he leaves the beginning letter off most words!)

*My favorite is when he breaks out in song. Twinkle twinkle little star, happy birthday, and 5 monkeys jumping on the bed are his favorites!

Hope you all had a good Tuesday! Don't forget it's veto night tonight on big brother! And eviction night tomorrow! ;)

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