Monday, July 23, 2012

Unexpected Surprise

I know, I know most surprises are unexpected... that's why they are called surprises. But this surprise I would have NEVER seen coming... and DIDN'T for that matter.

But before I get to the unexpected surprise, I will tell you a little about this weekend.

Ryker had a BLAST  at Uncle Pat's surprise party.
See for yourself...(I tried to post a video.. It won't work)
So here is a pic.
 He LOVED karaoke!!
That's his second cousin William.
 William was a total sport the whole night. Ryker loved playing with him.

Travis's Birthday was a SUCCESS! He is one spoiled PERFECT boy!

Me on the other hand not so perfect... I forgot my memory card for my camera at home and didn't get ANY pictures. I'm the worst aunt ever! Okay I'm really the best Aunt EVER but I totally FAILED this weekend. :(

Luckily there is this little thing called Facebook... I stole this off my sisters page.

Yeah he was a MESS! But that's what 1st birthdays are for!!

Time for the unexpected surprise.
Little background story.

When I was somewhere between the ages of 10-13 we had our brothers girlfriend living with us when she was in high school. She became part of the family and we LOVED having her around. She definitely knew how to make my sisters and I feel loved and special since we got to hang out with a HIGH SCHOOLER! ;) She was pretty much the best babysitter ever! Not to mention she was our brothers girlfriend. WAY COOL!

After her senior year she decided to move back to Colorado to be closer to her parents. As the years went by we had less and less contact with her and then all of a sudden it was like she disappeared.  (there wasn't facebook back then!)

We have searched for years trying to find her and about 6 months ago she joined facebook! We were so excited to see her and talk to her. Alot has changed since the last time we saw each other or even talked to each other. It's been 15 years! 15 YEARS!!!

My Mom, Terry, sister Lindsey and her Husband went to Colorado a couple of months ago to pick up Terry's Mountain Goat. (It's stuffed... maybe I will show you all a picture later... different post)

Anyway, they met up with her and started to plot a surprise for my other sister Tara and I.


That's right! It was Jodi! My long lost older "Sister"!

It was such a great unexpected surprise to see her there! I had no clue. Not even a little bit.

Jodi and Tara

Jodi and Lindsey

Jodi and the Gang. Quite blurry I know. sorry!

Jodi and Mom
Jodi and Us girls this weekend!
Thank you so much Mom, Lindsey, and Jodi for planning such an unexpected surprise!
What a wonderful weekend!

Can't wait to meet up again!


  1. You are so welcome Casie! I am so glad it planne out great and you didn't find out! Ha this planned over a month! Believe me it was very hard for me to keep it a secret! I was really worried that terry or mom were going to slip and say something! But so happy they didn't. I need to get that video to you so you can see how suprised you really were! Love you casie!

  2. And these are the awesome moments you'll never forget!