Monday, July 9, 2012


Another weekend with lots to do...

Started it off, swimming with buddies.  
Swimming at 8:00 at night... Who doesn't LOVE that?!

Ashton did his first back flip off the side of the pool!
He was so excited!
Although it did take a "cute" girl on the other side of the pool to do it first.
 He figured it out and didn't want to leave after that!
Good Job Ash!

Lucas is addicted, ADDICTED to popsicles.
Which in turn makes Ryker addicted to popsicles.

Pretty sure we have over 40 popsicles in the freezer right now. We will need to buy more this weekend.

I don't eat popsicles.

Told you he was ADDICTED!

Ashton and Daddy being silly!

Saturday we headed to our other God Son's 10th birthday Party.

Yes, we have 2 God sons. Alias is his name and soccer is his game! (just couldn't help myself) he is the sweetest boy young man!
We do need to get better at making sure we see him every couple of months instead of letting months and months and months go by.
Alias we promise to see you more often than what we do!
We promise! 

Alias's little sister Arianna. Is she not the cutest little girl EVER?!?!?!
 So sweet.

After Alias's birthday we headed to Dusty's for UFC fight night.

The men watched the fights.
The women (Miss Katie and I) watched the kids.
The kids watched movies. (We didn't have a very hard job!) --
Except for the one time when we couldn't find Ryker or Legan.
Long story short.
They were hiding in Dusty's room.
Talk about a heart attack!

Perfect. Saturday. Night.

Sunday approached and it was time for another birthday party.

Micky our neighbor turned 3 and they celebrated with a pool party.

Ryker. Micky. Best Buds.

Ryker finally going head first on the slip and slide!

Daddy and Ryker enjoying the pool!
And being silly!

What a great weekend!

Now lets hurry and get through this week so it can be the weekend again. And then hurry through the weekend because I'm on-call for work. BOOOOOOOO! Nothing like spoiling a weekend of fun with a weekend of work. So lets say HURRY UP JULY 19TH!!! After that it's time to have fun again!

Talk to you all tomorrow.. About what? who knows! :)

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