Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Is it football season yet? Ziiinnnnngggggg

We are a house full of chiefs fans!


Nothing better than sitting down on a Sunday afternoon to watch our chiefs play!

The BEST part about football season is SUPERBOWL!
Every year we always throw a superbowl party!

Katie and I are the shirt designers.
(I think we do a pretty dang good job if you ask me! See for yourself)

Take a look back into the past...
(Katie and I were not the shirt designers that year)

Lets start with the first annual superbowl sunday get together.

Oh the way we used to party.... :)

We have settled down a little..

Once the kids arrived...

Winner of Squares! Who's exctied! ;)

Is it Superbowl Sunday? -- Who cares Let's Party!!!

Superbowl 2011

Like I said before...

 Is it football season yet? Ziiinnnngggggg

 Go Chiefs!

Oh and if you haven't noticed... Ziiiinnnnnggggg is our new Superbowl Motto.
Thanks Morgan! :)


  1. How fun! :) I thought there was a way to "reply" to the comment you left but I couldn't figure it out so I decided I'd post here instead. I wasn't sure if "it" would let you know that I responded back!

    I love reading your blog also! So when you feel like no one is "listening", don't worry I am! :) It's nice to keep up with friends that you probably wouldn't be able to otherwise! And yes, I feel like that ALL the time! I always go and check out my pageviews and I was super stoked until I realized that every time I went and looked at my blog....it counted as a page view LOL So I'm not as popular as I thought! :) oh well such is life! :)

  2. haha. look at you being a winner and all.
    and ummm, your hair in that picture! gorgeous! I am obviously still obsessed with hair at the moment. :)