Thursday, July 26, 2012

Not even a special occasion!

This is something that doesn't happen very often, unless we are grilling out!

Look who made dinner tonight!

Yes, I know it's out of the box!
Yes, I know you just have to throw it in the oven!
Yes, I know it's almost easier than fixing a bowl of cereal!


My husband cooked dinner tonight! And it wasn't even a special occasion!

Man I am one lucky girl!

He looks pretty dang good with that oven mitt on!


  1. Yea, hubby! I think he looks like a natural. PS. I've been gone all week and missed you so I'm catching up! I'm assuming you survived the moving T in this heat. We moved L last year in 105 temps--down two flights in one apartment and to the 3rd floor in the next.!!

  2. How do we know he was the chef? He's not even in your kitchen!

  3. If you ask me it was a special occasion. I was cooking for my kiddo's. Casie and I were watching my friend Dusty's kids for the evening. Emily, hints why it wasnt in my kitchen.