Friday, July 13, 2012


I'm going to be quite jealous of Lucas this weekend.

I have to work Saturday AND Sunday.. :(
And he gets to spend those two days with the one I love most. 

I will be Jealous in a good way though, 
 because the two of them will get to spend the entire weekend with just each other.

This doesn't happen very often.

They love each other so very much!
And Ryker will be so excited to see me when I get home.
So what is there really to be Jealous about?

Lucas did mentioned they will probably go to the pool.
And they will take 3 hour naps.
And they will play outside.
And they will do all sorts of fun things. 

So, Jealous I will be!

 (P.S. Lucas just wants to go to the pool so he can look at all the honey's. He can't fool me. Remember what your dad always says "10 foot rule"!) :)

Lucas will have his hands full though.
This kid is non-stop.
Not that he doesn't know this already.
I just like to remind him how "fun" this weekend is going to be for him!

This kid could be outside all day no matter how hot or cold it is. And would stay in the pool all day no matter how hot or cold it is. For the most part he is a fish, as long as he can touch.
Otherwise he is like a monkey and will NOT let go!

It gets a little stressful when it's time to go inside or get out of the pool.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend of relaxation, free time, and fun.
Think of me when you are taking naps or enjoying the pool.

JEALOUS of the napping part!!!!

I will be at work thinking about what next week's blog posts should be about..

I mean WORKING :)

Is it July 19th yet????
(That's when I am no longer on-call for work and can have my life back and my nights sleep!)


  1. I always hated missing weekends with the girls. (Though mine usually came from spending the weekend at school grading research papers or a set of essays.) You're right though-- he is going to miss his mommy so! I bet Lucas will be quite glad to see you, too!

  2. Everyday is a weekend for me now. lol Can't wait to see the entire fam next weekend for the big 1 birthday party. Try to enjoy the weekend. There is one way to look at weekend working your still young.